Shot in Bangkok and Northern Thailand this dramatised documentary directed by David Wallace, tells the true story of a young thai boxer., Khun Or.  I shot it in 16mm with a very small crew (myself, Rickie Gauld, my 1st AC and Ron McMorran on sound).

Writer, David Holman spent time with Khun Or before we began filming and the script was a result of that process.

I have tried to give a flavour of the film in this edited version. The original  ran for 60 minutes.  Edited from VHS tape,  the technical quality is  not great but I think you will get the flavour of the piece.

For tracking shots, David Wallace, our director , bought two pairs of rickshaw wheels on which we built a trolley for the camera. Our tracks were the straight as a die mahoganny planks found in the forests.

I carried a small selection of lights and practical bulbs to shape the images.

Our aim was get inside the head of Khun Or and the challenges facing him.

It’s quite a lyrical film without shying away from the harsh, intensely tough world of Thai Boxing.  The two bouts in the film are culled from footage taken on the nights and extra footage ,shot afterwards in the stadiums, where we covered the seating with black drapes to hide the fact that there were no spectators. An idea borrowed I believe from Scorsese.

I love the quality of the fluorescents tubes in the dressing rooms. The spikes and troughs in the spectrum adds wonderful texture to the scenes and a luminosity to the boxers skin tones that neither romanticises nor  degrades.