In 1976, whilst a camera assistant, at BBC tv  Film Department, I was asked if I was prepared to spend 3 months living in Bolton General Hospital to shoot an 8 part documentary series. This was the first time a hospital had agreed to "a fly on the wall" documentary.

I was given temporary promotion to Film Cameraman.

The series won multiple awards including A Prix Italia, a BAFTA  and a broadcasting Press Guild award.

The series was produced and  directed brilliantly by Tim King and the executive producer was Roger Mills.

I was fortunate to have a wonderful crew.

Brian Marsden Jones as 1st AC,

Chris King and Julian Baldwin, sound recordists

Terry Lucking, assistant recordist.

The films proved a breakthrough moment for me, as I was given full promotion to film Cameraman 9 months later and my career really took off from there.

The films were shot in standard 16mm Kodak negative on an Eclair NPR.
The brief was to create a different look for each film . 
No film lights were used, everything was shot in available light.