I was flown to Mexico at 12 hours notice to take over the cinematography on this picture by

director Roger Christian. The picture was running behind schedule after two weeks shooting and and there were “artistic” differences with the original DOP.

The producers were keen for me to fire the crew but I decided to spend the night in my hotel

room watching all the dailies. From what I could see the crew were very hard working and

not being given the proper support.

I decided to keep them all and never regretted the decision. They were a marvellous bunch

to work with and very loyal despite other production issues that kept halting production.

People outside the business often ask what a DOP “does”. The answer is “ many things”. At its very best the role is a highly creative one embodying all that is satisfying about the act of filmmaking. however sometimes, such as this, one is simply the hired hand, shipped into a sinking ship, plugging the leak, and making sure everyone gets of the movie alive.

We finished the picture on time.