Directed by Nigel Finch this film was definitely more fun than a barrel of monkeys to shoot. Nigel and I had rooms on the seventh floor joined by a common balcony. Useful as an escape route for Nigel when inhabitants were hammering on the door insisting they be in the film. We were inspired by Kubrick’s “The Shining”. The little boy on the bike was not created by us. He actually did ride around the hotel on his machine.

We wanted to honour a hotel that was full of the living , the dead and those that straddled between the two states. I also had the honour to help cook the lunch that you see Warhol and Burroughs eating. I suggested Rabbit  to Nigel. Rabbit had always seemed a particularly “naked” meat when I’d cooked it before and it ties in with the musical number by Jobriath "The Naked Brunch" (a play on Burrough's novel "The Naked Lunch")  All will be explained if you watch the film. 

I was taken to studio54 with Burrough’s and Warhol but thats another story..................