CREDITS as director of Photography


DR WHO- the hider in the house Director: Jamie Payne BBC tv.

ST.GEORGE’S DAY Director: Frank Harper

Independent feature film. Metrodome

SPOOKY BUDDIES Director:Robert Vince

Feature film Production Co:The Walt Disney Co / Key Pix Productions

THE LITTLE HOUSE Director: Jamie Payne

TV MOVIE adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s best selling novel, The Little House.

Featuring: Francesca Annis Tim Piggot Smith Rupert Evans Lucy Griffiths

Producer : Jeremy Gwilt  Prod. Co TXTV for ITV1

U B DEAD Director: Jamie Payne

TV MOVIE Psychological Thriller based on a true story

Producer: Elinor Day

Featuring: David Morrisey-Tara Fitzgerald

Production Co: Darlow Smithson Productions Ltd for ITV

THE NUTCRACKER 3D Director: Andrei Konchalovsky

Feature film 90 mill $ 3d musical fantasy Producer: Paul Lowin Location: Budapest

Featuring:John Turturro- Elle Fanning – Richard E. Grant Production Co: Noisette Films

shot on SUPER35 2.85:1


Director: Emily Greenwood Producer: Simon Hinkley

shot on SUPER35 2.35:1 Kodak Best Short Film 2007

LIFE LINE Director:Jamie Payne TV MOVIE Supernatural Thriller

Producer: Gereth Neame/Tim Bradley Location: London (various)

Featuring: Joanne Whalley, Ray Stevenson Production Co:Carnival Films

shot on SUPER16

THE MERMAID CHAIR Director:Steven Schachter

TV MOVIE Contemporary Drama (HI DEF)

Producer: Mike Frislev, Chad Oakes Location: Vancouver Island

Featuring:Kim Basinger, Bruce Greenwood Production Co:Nomadic Pictures

AIR BUDDIES Director:Robert Vince Feature film Family Comedy

Producers:Robert Vince, Anna McRoberts

Location: Vancouver

Featuring: Slade Pearce, Trevor Wright Christian Pikes, Paul Rae

Production Co:The Walt Disney Co / Key Pix Production1

BENEATH Director:Dagen Merrill Horror/Thriller

Producers:Sean Covel, Chris Wyatt Location: Vancouver

Exec Producers: John Fiedler, David Kaye

Featuring: Nora Zehetner, Matthew Settle, Gabrielle Rose

Production Co:MTV Films / Paramount Classics

shot on SUPER35 1.85:1

PURSUED Director:Kristoffer Tabori Thriller

Producers: Daniel Grodnik, Alison Semenza James Shavick, Kirk Shaw

Location: Vancouver

Featuring:Christian Slater, Gil Bellows Estella Warren, Michael Clarke Duncan

Production Co:Artisan Ent. / Trademark Ent.

SPYMATE Director:Robert Vince Family

Producer:Anna McRoberts, Robert Vince Location: Vancouver

Featuring: Chris Potter, Richard Kind Emma Roberts, Michael Bailey Smith

Production Co:Keystone Pictures / Miramax Film

REPLICANT Director:Ringo Lam Action Sci-Fi Thriller

Producers: Danny Lerner David Dadon, John Thompson Location: Vancouver

Featuring: Jean-Claude Van Damme Michael Rooker, Catherine Dent

Production Co:Millennium Films / Artisan Ent

SORTED Director:Alexander Jovy Thriller

Producers:Mark Crowdy, Fabrizio Chiesa Location: London

Featuring: Matthew Rhys, Sienna Guillory Fay Masterson, Tim Curry

Production Co:Jovy Junior Enterprises

TRICKS Directors:Jim Klein, Iris KleinDrama

Producers:Jim Klein, Iris Klein, Ted Melfi Jefferson Donald Locations: Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles

Featuring:Gail O’Grady, Stephanie Romanov Erika Alxander, Michael Murphy

Production Co:Dog & Pony Prods / Museum Bank Pics

The Diamond Halo Award – Angel City Film Festival, Los Angeles

RKO 281 Director:Benjamin Ross Period Drama about Orson Welles and the making of Citizen Kane

Producer:Su Armstrong Exec Producers: Tony Scott, Ridley Scott Location: London

Featuring: Liev Schreiber, James Cromwell Melanie Griffith, John Malkovich Brenda Blethyn, Roy Scheider

Production Co:Scott Free Productions / HBO

Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture made for Television

AIR BUD Director:Charles Martin Smith Family Comedy Drama

Producers:Robert Vince, William Vince Exec Producers: Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein Location: Vancouver

Featuring:Michael Jeter, Kevin Zeegers Wendy Makkena, Bill Cobbs

Production Co:Walt Disney Pictures / Keystone Picture

SNOW WHITE: A TALE OF TERROR Director:Michael Cohn Fantasy Horror

Producer:Tom Engleman Exec Producers: Robert Cort, Ted Field, Scott Kroopf

Locations: Czech Republic, Germany

Featuring: Sigourney Weaver, Sam Neill Gil Bellows, Brian Glover

Production Co:Interscope Communications/PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

CableACE Nomination for Best Cinematography in a Movie or Miniseries

ASC Nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Movies of the Week

THE FINAL CUT Director:Roger Christian Action Thriller

Producers: Robert Vince, William Vince Location: Vancouver

Featuring: Sam Elliott, Charles Martin Smith Anne Ramsay, Lloyd Berry

Production Co:Cine Cut Films Inc/Keystone Entertainment

RUN OF THE COUNTRY Director:Peter YatesDrama

Producers:Peter Yates, Ruth Boswell Exec Prods: Morgan O’Sullivan, Nigel Wooll Location: Ireland

Featuring: Albert Finney, Matt Keeslar Victoria Smurfit, Anthony Brophy

Production Co:Castle Rock Entertainment/Columbia Pictures

ROOMMATES Director:Peter Yates Comedy Drama

Producers:Scott Kroopf, Ted Field, Robert Cort Locations: US (Indianapolis, Pittsburgh)

Featuring: Peter Falk, Julianne Moore D B Sweeney, Ellen Burstyn

Production Co:Hollywood Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures

Emily Bronte’s WUTHERING HEIGHTS Director:Peter Kosminsky Period Romantic Drama

Producer: Mary Selway Location: UK (Yorkshire)

Featuring:Juliette Binoche, Ralph Fiennes

Production Co:Paramount Pictures

PRISONER OF HONOUR Director:Ken Russell Period Drama

Producers:Richard Dreyfuss, Judith James Location: UK

Featuring: Richard Drefuss, Oliver Reed Peter Firth, Jeremy Kemp, Brian Blessed

Production Co:Dreyfuss/James Prods / Warner Brothers

LITTLE MAN TATE Director:Jodie Foster Drama

Producers: Scott Rudin, Peggy Rajski Locations: US, Canada

Featuring: Jodie Foster, Dianne Wiest Adam Hann-Byrd, Harry Connick Jr

Production Co:Orion Pictures

CHICAGO JOE AND THE SHOWGIRL Director:Bernard Rose Period Romantic Drama

Producer:Tim BevanLocation: London

Featuring: Emily Lloyd, Kiefer Sutherland

Production Co:Working Title Films / New Line Cinema

QUEEN OF HEARTS Director:Jon Ariel Comedy

Producer:John Hardy Locations: UK, Italy

Featuring: Vittorio Duse, Joseph Long, Anita Zagaria Eileen Way, Vittorio Amandola, Roberto Scateni

Production Co:Channel Four Films / Cinecom Pictures

PAPERHOUSE Director:Bernard Rose Fantasy Horror Mystery Drama

Producers:Tim Bevan, Sarah Radcliffe Location: UK

Featuring: Charlotte Burke, Samantha Cahill Glenne Headly, Gemma Jones

Production Co:Working Title Films

GOTHIC Director:Ken Russell Dramatic Period Horror/Thriller

Producer:Penny Corke Location: UK

Featuring: Gabriel Byrne, Julian Sands Natasha Richardson, Timothy Spall

Production Co:Virgin Vision

CAPTIVE Director:Paul Mayersberg Drama

Producers:Don Boyd Location: UK

Featuring:Oliver Reed:Irina Brook


COMMERCIALS (selection)


Elliot Goldner



Reto Salembeni

Manifesto Films

LEGO Clikits – Shopping Heaven

Jake Nava

Independent Film

RAS – Insurance

Andy Morahan

Bikini Films

COI – Department Of Transport

Alex Jovey

The Business


Andy Morahan

Harry Nash Films


Gareth Roberts

HRH Films

FINDUS – Fish and Sauce

Gareth Roberts

HRH Films

KODAK (Ultra) – Superman

Tim Pope

Cowboy Films

CABLECOM – Escape & Dog

Reto Salembeni

Glass Film


Eduardo Maclean

Spika Films


Eduardo Maclean

Spika Films


Eduardo Maclean

Spika Films


Andy Morahan

Paul Weiland Film Co

BICO – Image Campaign

Reto Salembeni

Glass Film

HERO – Fruitkiss

Reto Salembeni

Glass Film

KUONI (Switzerland)

Jonas Frick


SANOGYL Toothpaste

Rebecca Blake

Quad Productions


Andy Morahan

Paul Weiland Film Co

WEIHENSTEPHAN - Trane & Himbeere

Marcello Schnyder

Neue Sentimental Film


Jonas Frick



Andy Morahan

Paul Weiland Film Co

ZURICH 98 – Invest

Reto Salembeni

Glass Film

SWISSCOM 98’ - Blue Window

Marcello Schnyder

Glass Film

SONY – Territory idents for George Michael

Mike Southon

Bug Films


Nick Metcalf

Pathfinder Ltd

NESCAFE - Coffee Jar

Gareth Roberts


CHEERIOS - River & Family

Gareth Roberts



Chris Palmer



Jonas Frick

Outsiders Ltd

CHEERIOS - Cheeri-Ad

Gareth Roberts


THE TIMES - Richard Branson

Gareth Roberts



Jonas Frick

Gem Films


James Lebon

Films Ltd


Jonas Frick

Gem Films

INSURANCE - Wusternrot

Pelle Seth



Jonas Frick

Bates Films


Pelle Smith



Frederico Brugia



Jonas Frick

Trouble with Harry Films


Mike Southon

Global Communications

STIMROL – God & Gas Station

Jonas Frick

Gem Films


Marcus Nispel & Mike Southon

BRW Partners SRL

FRENCH LOTTO - Teenage & Birthday

Simon Levene

Rose Hackney Barber

CABLE TV – Cable Communications-Peter Richardson-Tiger Aspect

FLEUR, EUROWAY-Jonas Frick-Gem Films

Florence Film Festival – Best Photography

SHELL-Meno Zeissen-Zeissen Film Company

COI AIDS CAMPAIGN – Tracing & Alan-Mike Newell-The Producers-BTA Bronze Award

MUSIC VIDEOS (selection)

GEORGE MICHAEL –Where You Are-Andy Morahan-Bikini Films

DEADMAU5 at CREAMFIELDS-Mike Southon/Sam McCourt-Metropolis

GEORGE MICHAEL – Round Here-Andy Morahan-Bikini Films

GUNS N ROSES-November Rain-Andy Morahan

ANNIE – Chewing Gum-Barnaby Roper-Flynn

PHIL COLLINS – No Way Out-Norman Watson-FM Rocks UK

U2 - One-Anton Corbin-STATE

PRINCE- Cream Diamonds and Pearls-Rebecca Blake

BLOW MONKEYS- Digging Your Scene

MYSTEEQ - Scandalous-Jake Nava-Battlecruiser

PRETENDERS-Andy Morahan-Paul Weiland Film Co

FIVE - Slam Dunk Da Funk-Laurence Watson-Sarah Bayliss Productions

KINANE – Business-Max & Danya-Partizan

BON JOVI – This Ain’t Love-Andy Morahan-Panic Pictures

INGOGNITO – Every Day-Tim Royes-The Artistes Co

SOUL TO SOUL – Soul to Soul-Marcus Nispel-Axis

Bananarama-Venus--Love in the first degree-I heard a rumour

HUMAN LEAGUE – Tell Me When--Andy Morahan-Panic Pictures

EDDI READER – Dear John-Angela-State

SEAL - A Prayer for the Dying-Paul Boyd-Propaganda

PAUL WELLER - Sunflower-Mark Neal-Kudos

GEORGE MICHAEL – Monkey-Andy Morahan-Vivid

GEORGE MICHAEL – Faith-Andy Morahan-Vivid

GEORGE MICHAEL – Too Funky-Andy Morahan-Vivid

GEORGE MICHAEL – I Want Your Sex- Andy Morahan-Vivid

GEORGE MICHAEL – Freedom-David Fincher


The Madonna and the Volcano [prod: Mike Radford doc/54m; cph: John Hooper; ep 3-part 'Omnibus Italia'-season (part of BBC-tv arts series 'Omnibus')

Hospital [Roger Mills] 9-part doc series for BBC-tv; cph: Grenville Dobson -episode 1 Casualty won Prix Italia  Bafta

Seeing Through Drawing [Michael Dibb] doc/119m; cph: John Hooper; ep BBC-tv arts series 'The Lively Arts

A Change of Sex [ep #1 'George - The Big Decision' & #2 'Julia - The First Year' dir by David Pearson] 3-part series/16mm, 1980; cph (#2):

1980 In the Making [ep #2 (19m) 'Lute Making - Stephen Gottlieb' & #7 (19m) 'Theatre Design - Pamela Howard'; series prod: John Read] 9-part BBC-tv doc series;

Dallas The Big Store [Jana Bokova] doc/53m; ep (1981) BBC-tv arts series 'Omnibus'

Chelsea Hotel [Nigel Finch] doc/55m; ep (1981) BBC-tv arts series 'Arena'

Feeling for the Sound [Dave Hutt] mus doc/29m; ep #4 of 6-part series 'Sounds Different'

Dire Straits [Nigel Finch] mus doc/58m; ep BBC-tv arts series 'Arena'

When the Dancing Had to Stop [series prod: Leslie Megahey] doc/60m; BBC-tv arts series 'Omnibus'

The Leader's Tale [prod: Tony Laryea] doc/48m; ep #12 of 12-part BBC-tv series 'Tales of Twelve Cities'

Behind the Scenes with... John Glenister [Christopher Swann] doc/29m; ep #8 of 10-part BBC-tv series 'Behind the Scenes with...'

The Great Art Dictator [prod: David Wallace] doc/54minutes

Desert Island Discs [Anthony Wall] doc/47m; ep (1982) BBC-tv arts series 'Arena'; repeated in January 1992 with new introduction

Survivalists [prod: Paul Hamann] doc/48m; ep BBC-tv series 'The Tuesday Documentary'

Upon Westminster Bridge [Anthony Wall] doc/52m; ep BBC-tv arts series 'Arena'

Burroughs [Howard Brookner] doc/b&w-c/85m; cph: Tom DiCillo, Richard Camp, James Lebovitz, a.o.; ep (1983) BBC-tv arts series 'Arena'; also released theatrically

Where's the Key? [David Wheatley] tvm/65m

Kurt Vonnegut [: So It Goes] [Nigel Finch] doc/60m; ep BBC-tv arts series 'Arena'

Borges and I [David Wheatley] doc/75m; ep BBC-tv arts series 'Arena'

Sunset People [Jana Bokova] doc/110m; ep (1984) BBC-tv arts series 'Arena'

The Caravaggio Conspiracy [Nigel Finch] doc/60m; ep BBC-tv arts series 'Arena'

Beat This! A Hip Hop History [Alan Yentob & Dick Fontaine] doc/58m; addph: Sandi Sissel; special BBC-tv arts series 'Arena

The Sword and the Shield [Ian Duncan] doc/60m; BBC-tv doc series 'SOE'

Francis Bacon [: The Brutality of Fact] [prod: Michael Blackwood] doc/58m/16mm; ep BBC-tv arts series 'Arena'

Ligmalion: A Musical for the 80s [Nigel Finch] docudrama/89m; ep BBC-tv arts series 'Arena'

Khun Or - The Reed that Bends [David Wallace] dram doc/49m; ep BBC-tv series 'Global Report'

The Triumph of the West [ep #5 'East of Europe' dir by Ann Hummel] 13-part doc series;